You are currently viewing 7th Annual Cotton Kingdom/Sweat Equity Investment Symposium  “National Dialogue: Grandmama’nem and the Wisdom They Shared”

7th Annual Cotton Kingdom/Sweat Equity Investment Symposium “National Dialogue: Grandmama’nem and the Wisdom They Shared”

Khafre, Inc is proud to announce the theme for the 7th Annual Cotton Kingdom/Sweat Equity Investment Symposium“National Dialogue: Grandmama’nem and the Wisdom They Shared.” For the past seven years Khafre, Inc has partnered with Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU), and da’ House of Khafre to present America’s premier interdisciplinary conference on the “Cotton Kingdom,” sharecropping, tenant farming and the significance of cotton to the success of both American and European economies. This year is no exception. This year’s theme shall allow scholars and presenters to reveal historical truths about African American contributions to world cultures and their economies; as well as, the empowerment tools shared to survive the horrors of oppression throughout American history. The Symposium begins with a special brownbag “Art-Talk” Thursday, November 1st at noon. The scholarly lectures/presentations will be held Friday, November 2nd from 9:00am – 3:00pm. Both activities are free and will be held on the campus of  Mississippi Valley State University, in the Social Sciences Auditorium, located at 14000 Hwy 82 W, Itta Bena, Mississippi. The two-day event will culminate on Friday at 7:00pm with an Ancestral Celebration and Cotton Pickers Ball in da’ House of Khafre, located at 300 Main Street in Indianola, MS.

African Americans and their ability to cope in spite of their living and working conditions is the focus of the two days of discussion and celebration. Honoring the legacy of “grandmamma-nem” in a university setting gives artistic and academic license to the pursuit of gaining more scholarship and international acceptance, of the contributions and sweat equity made by the people who picked cotton throughout the American South. Our intentions are to reflect the historic preservation efforts underway at Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU); and the cultural works of Khafre, Inc in the Mississippi Delta and internationally. The American South overall is a cotton pickin’ culture. What is interesting is the fact that the uniqueness of this region is what most people love best about the American culture. Even more interesting is the fact that America’s phenomenal wealth and culture is for the most part sourced in cotton. This is something we need to examine much more carefully.” Stated public historian and symposium organizer Professor C.Sade Turnipseed.

From the shared firsthand experience by Grand-mama’nem, audiences will experience the painful memories of planting, chopping, picking and spinning cotton. Though quieted, the historical memories that are revealed through songs, storytelling, and prayers still have the power and magic to sustain us. The main purpose of “National Dialogue: Grandmama’nem and the Wisdom They Shared” theme is intended to spark discussions that will purposefully demonstrate how through interpreted narratives historians, teachers, and truth seekers may assess social remedies by the cultural investments made through the cultural investments of grandmama’nem. Thereby access authentic resources for sustainable change throughout the world. “The voices of African Americans who labored in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta have lay silent for too long.  The Sweat Equity/Cotton Symposium provides a forum for their stories, contributions, and legacies to be shared and learned,” stated Dr Constance Bland, VP Academic Affairs at MVSU.

The partnership formed between MVSU, Khafre, Inc, da’ House, and for the past two years, the Mississippi Humanities Council validates the notion that a tribute and monument to sharecroppers and cotton pickers are significant, and long over due. As part of Khafre, Inc’s historic preservation efforts, a permanent marker and statue will be placed on the MVSU campus in honor of cotton pickers and those who worked the repurposed cotton plantation for the purposes of higher learning.



“National Dialogue: Grandmama’nem and the Wisdom They Shared”




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