By exposing youth to certain life changing experiences, we will lay the foundation for monumental projects that inspire youth to create programs and become leaders in their communities. The goal is to encourage healthy environments that enable a child to become more courageous, confident, ambitious, and productive, thereby becoming empowered citizens of the world. At Khafre, Inc, we have initiated two (2) award worthy programs for our Delta youth:


Young Publishers’ Network (YPN)

Please contact Clarice Norton, Director of Youth Programs for more information:

[email protected]

Healthy U

A Gourmet Academy for Delta Youth

The health and education problems are in epidemic proportions in the Mississippi Delta. The situation is that approximately 80% of the population (all age groups) suffers from health challenges directly related to poor dietary habits, useful health-related information and the lack of physical exercise. To help alleviate this crisis KHAFRE, Inc has come up with a unique program that offers a long-term solution with measurable outcomes. In essence students will learn to prepare healthy life-sustaining foods, themselves. This educational program targets young people, in the 13–18 years of age range. The focus area is Indianola, in Sunflower County Mississippi.

Virtually all health and medical indicators give justification to the claim that Mississippians are disproportionately unhealthy. According to USDA Food Atlas report, in Sunflower County, the rate of adult diabetes is 13.2%; adult obesity is 40%, low-income preschool obesity is 25.5%, and only 36.1% of high-school students are physically active. Succinctly, Mississippi is determined to be the “fattest” state in America, with the highest rate of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity; with the highest concentration of both diabetes and obesity impacting the Mississippi Delta, which includes our focus area, Indianola—The most important outcomes are for our community members to be able to understand the benefits of consuming fresh, clean, living foods; and to be more aware of the potential damage processed foods can have on their physical and mental health. The hope in developing the “Healthy U…A Gourmet Academy for Delta Youth” is to see a Mississippi Delta in which everyone lives enriched, long and healthy lives.

It is through the Youth Empowerment Programs that Khafre, Inc will provide healthy environments, which encourage young people of Indianola to become more confidant, ambitious, and productive. We believe that by exposing youth to certain life changing experiences, a foundation will be laid for them to create projects and programs that implant a desire to improve the health conditions not only of themselves but for the entire community.

GOAL #1:

To improve the healthy lifestyle choices made by middle and high school children in Indianola by equipping them with skills that encourages them to monitor their health progress.

Objectives #1: Children of Indianola will monitor at least three (3) new physical activities while at home, school, or in the community, within a six-week timeframe.

GOAL #2:

To improve the awareness of healthy food choices made by middle and high school children in Indianola, MS, by equipping them with nutritional information and food preparation skills to take control of their health.

Objectives #2: Youth in Indianola will complete two (2) surveys to measure their enhanced awareness and consumption of nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and skim milk, over the course of a six-week timeframe.

The “Healthy U…A Gourmet Academy for Delta Youth,” is an after-school culinary arts program that serves twenty students (maximum) per rotation. We will offer two weekly classes on Saturday, during the regular school and summer semesters, beginning in the spring of 2011. The students will have the opportunity to choose one of the three sessions that meet weekly during the normal school and summer semesters. The name “Healthy U…A Gourmet Academy for Delta Youth” was intentionally chosen to bring awareness and to help improve young people’s perceptions of themselves. We believe by applying terms such as, “Gourmet” and “Academy,” to a Delta-based health and educational program that invites the participation of “the most underserved and impoverished children in America” will go a long way to inspire our students to think differently about themselves, the Mississippi Delta and the worthiness of both to be enriching and deserving of a healthier life. We believe, this program will awaken a passion for healthy lifestyles and ultimately help our young people be more deliberate in their career choices.

“Healthy U…A Gourmet Academy for Delta Youth,” with this intriguing title we believe it will capture the attention and interest of many celebrity guest chefs. Renowned celebrity chefs Cat Cora, Emeril Lagasse, John Currence, Chef of City Grocery in Oxford, and Whitney Miller America’s First Master Chef all have close personal ties to Mississippi and will on occasion visit Indianola, or the Delta. We intend to extend an invitation for them to make guest appearances. In so doing, we present the opportunity to show participants the art of designing healthy, delicious and beautifully prepared meals. All workshops shall provide hands-on participation. We believe, by engaging children on this level will have significant impact in offsetting the pre-disposed attitude held by many people in the Delta that healthy foods are synonymous with bad-tasting food.

Currently, minimal financial resources are available to Khafre, Inc. Therefore, in order to fully equip the Healthy U…A Gourmet Academy for Delta Youth, Khafre, Inc intends to increase its level partnerships and involvement with agencies and organizations currently charged with providing health care services and information to members of the Mississippi Delta community. Thus far, Khafre, Inc has secured several partners and in-kind donations that are already in place within da’ House of Khafre, they include: Dr. Felicia King of Highway2Health Chiropractic Center, Inc.; Viking Range Corporation—36” range, 36” refrigerator, ice maker, sauce pans; Christopher Shults, MVSU, Assistant Provost; and the Delta Health Alliance who have agreed to provide seed capital for this endeavor.

The community is encouraged to come out and participate by observing the cooking workshops. This may aid in the “word-of-mouth” promotions and increase the awareness of our message to eat healthy. And, to make sure that the community members understand that both the message and the program are for everyone to embrace. Our hope is that people will “get it” and want to begin learning how to prepare healthy meals for their families and others. This may be the inspiration the students needed to become chefs, health care professionals, lifestyle coaches, etc.

The final impact we expect this project to have is on people in Indianola, who will not only make better food choices at home, but also ask for them when dining out or shopping for food. We are predicting that grocery stores will begin to carry better quality foods, as the demand for it rises. Over a period of two years, we expect the diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. rate will decrease by 5-10%. We look forward to reading those measures in independent studies, such as those initiated by USDA in future Food Atlas reports.

Please contact Clarice Norton, Director of Youth Programs for more information:

[email protected]

Young Publishers’ Network


Greetings Colleagues and Friends:

As the Young Publisher’s Network (YPN) of both Winston and Choctaw counties continue to add value to the cultural landscape in Central Mississippi, we invite your participation in this laudable effort. Beginning Thursday, August 24, and ending in a matinee tribute on Sunday 27th, YPN will produce a three-day literary arts celebration entitled, “SPOKEN WORD FEST…Express Yo’ Self.” This series presents in its entirety, on the Strand Theatre stage, located at 116 S. Church Street, downtown Louisville.

Each day of the SPOKEN WORD FEST, reveals completely different literary offerings:

Thursday the 24th——“Don’t Judge Me!” A new concept in theatre—“the poetrical”

by 16 year old, playwright Clarice Norton, from Louisville High School; directed by YPNs, Managing Director Prof. C.Sade Turnipseed, this ground-breaking piece has the ability to reach the hearts and minds of Mississippi’s diverse audiences…and displays the tremendous talents, here in Winston and Choctaw counties. Opening reception at 6:00pm–Show time: 7:00pm.

Saturday the 26th – FREE-STYLE—Is a talent show that is open to public competition.

Show time: 6:00pm.

Sunday the 27th — HISTORICAL WRITERS TRIBUTE—in cooperation with the Mississippi Writer’s Guild, YPN will showcase the enormous talents of legendary Mississippi writers of yesteryear. This is a tribute performance, of people who really ought to be remembered…So, that’s why we do it!   Show time: 4:00pm – VIP Reception follows immediately (by invitation only).

Of course you are welcome to attend all three days. However, our desire is to have you join us as a corporate sponsor and VIP at Sunday’s performance. We are making special arrangements for that particular show to be an exceptional and historical tribute! To support YPN in this endeavor please consider one or more of the following sponsorship categories:

  • Corporate: $100.00, or more
  • Patron: $75.00
  • Contributor: $50.00
  • Individual: $25.00

All of the above categories will provide you with an all access pass for the entire weekend,

as well as a sponsor listing on our webpage!

In these times of uncertainty and turmoil, isn’t it nice to see young people being hopeful and determined for a positive future…Please show them you care too, by encouraging YPN in this endeavor.


C.Sade Turnipseed, Managing Director

POB 64, Indianola, MS 38751

Please contact Clarice Norton, Director of Youth Programs for more information:

[email protected]