Souvenir Miniatures

statpicredTo realize its’ critically important and intentionally bold vision, KHAFRE Inc will build monuments and memorials, offer programs and workshops around education, health, and history, provide resources to the formal and informal educators in the Delta, engage in community outreach and connection, and operate as a repository and distributor of information on the history, beauty, and talent of and within the Mississippi Delta, all for the overarching purpose of improving the quality of life of her sons and daughters.





BRONZE 32" x 20" $35,000

BRONZE 20" x 13" $15,000

BRONZE 9.5" x 6" $1800

RESIN 32" x 20" $2500

RESIN 20" x 13" $1200

RESIN 9.5" x 6" $200

If you would like to print and mail the form, please download our form below  and make checks & money orders payable to:

Khafre, Inc / POB 64 / Indianola, MS 38751 / USA

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