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Our purpose and applicability is to offer educational workshops, seminars and conferences for the ent ccommodations for artist

  • Oversee food allocations for artist
  • Facilitate all communications with the performing artists

Agent requirements:

50% deposit of artist fee (payable in advance to artist)

50% balance due collectible (in US currency) prior to performance

Promotional requirements:

Collaborate on all promotional strategies within host countries


KHAFRE INC…intends to contract a prominent film and video director to document all aspects of this Blues cultural exchange and present the findings in a first-class documentary for television and theatric release. The director selected will be an established writer/director, and producer in the Hollywood community.

The proposed budget for “Mississippi Delta Blues …Back to Africa Educational and Cultural Exchange’s video production is three-hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00). More information and budgetary explanations will be provided only to serious sponsors, of the documentary portion of this proposal.


The proposal as presented began fall 2009. Per your request, we will present the sponsor’s package that outlines various ways local/regional/international underwriters may support the endeavor to bring Blues back to its roots, in Africa! In the meantime, thank you in advance for your support and your partnership in presenting the Mississippi Delta Blues … Back to Africa Educational and Cultural Exchange, in your country.

For more information on any aspect of this proposal please submit your query to:

C.Sade Turnipseed, MBA/PhD

Executive Director


POB 64

Indianola, MS 38751


662.347.8198 cell

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